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Elizabeth Barrette's poetry has appeared in a wide variety of publications. She is also the Managing Editor of PanGaia and Assistant Editor of SageWoman; she selects poetry for both magazines.

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All Night's Beauty

by Elizabeth Barrette

Whispering Sands khazal

The first moon is a jewel in the sky,
A smooth cabochon of alabaster

The second moon is a saber's blade,
Burnished in silver, sheathed in silk

The stars are a sprinkle of salt
On the polished table of the night

The sand is a sheet of linen,
Dimpled as if from sleeping limbs

The stones are shapes of lace
Knitted from a strand of shadow

Then you emerge from the tent,
And the moment my eyes find you

The wine I have drunk goes straight to my head,
And all night's beauty goes quietly away.