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W. Gregory Stewart is a short story writer and poet whose work has appeared Amazing Stories, Asimov's, Dreams & Nightmares, several Rhysling Anthologies, and dozens of other publications.

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Bedlam Sister

by W. Gregory Stewart

    she gives herself
    she is of herself
    of late while
    at the same time
    not at all, and bound,
    she strains

    night seeps under eye
    and drifts
    through a changeling brain,
    lobe to lobe and through
    her seamless soul

    to lodge in corners
    recently vacated
    by reason

    where she finds
    shadow without shape
    and shape
    without substance

    chains and chains,
    she thinks,
    scrubbing skin from hands
    that will not clean,
    though washed until the blood
    has wept from every moon

    chains and chains,
    she thinks --
    poor souls

    looking at her hands
    and reaching for
    another bar of soap --
    poor souls

    poor souls...