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Corrine De Winter has been a freelance writer for about 19 years. Her work has been published in over 600 journals, books and magazines including New York Quarterly, The Writer, Space & Time, Tales of the Unanticipated, The Other Side, Yankee, Prisoners of the Night, Poet's Market 92-99, and others. Her work has been nominated twice for The Pushcart Prize and most recently for The Rhysling Award.

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Blue Smile

by Corrine De Winter

Oh, he could make them
laugh & forget their sorrows.
It started with that slow
blue crescent
smudged by the wide mouth
of a whiskey bottle.
Smiling at the children,
he studied their small faces
lined up in each row,
the expectant doe-like eyes,
the frail arms--
the way their laughter
seemed to bubble
from the slender throats.

He had always been swift,
moving from one dirty city
to the next.
It had at been nearly impossible at times
to wait, to find patience
for that funhouse victory.

Until finally
His gloved hands would find
that perfect circle, the fresh soft skin
of circulation.
And they would no longer laugh at him,
this blue youth,
blue childhood
that had sought amusement
and found only their last chance,
the painted mad smile
of deliverance.