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Rites: Cleaning the Last Bones

by Gavin J. Grant

Crow hopped forward and plucked the eye,
Held it high for all to see.
With a jerk, swallowed it whole.

Lion padded quietly up through accustomed space,
Left the ribs neatly to the side.
Choked the tough heart down.

Softer parts vanished in a sharp-toothed liquid rush of fur,
Insects rose and fell, fell and rose.
-- Waves on a disappearing beach.

Monkey took a rock
And soon was feeding alone
On delicate gray matter.

Cat watched, licking one paw, then the other.
Dog watched, a deeper silence.

Something worried at tendons, ligaments,
Something sucked at the long cracked bones,
Interwoven footprints mapped the human form.

A gentle breeze blew a dry
brown sycamore leaf over the skeleton.
Night came.