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Clyde T. Kessler's poetry has appeared in publications such as Free Zone Quarterly and Kota. He lives in Radford, Virginia. This poem is part of a series he calls "Goblintown: Poems for ghosts and the children of ghosts."

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The Clown Was Late

by Clyde T. Kessler

A clown came dancing all green in his voice
with golden antennae on a purple crown.
He said sir your soul is paper and glue and ice.
I said the Halloween you want is a wild horse
kicking and biting and begging for sugar
and it galloped away five months ago
with children and neighbors and all the stars.

The clown went sprawling past thirty-nine cars
and throwing his face. He ran with fires
and sparks and smoke, like a stone at midnight
burning its distance down the street and past the sky.
I closed my door, said hell with Mars.