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Dan Schmecker is a 23-year-old computer tech who lives in Shelton, Connecticut.

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Everything Moves

by Dan Schmecker

    The reactors fired. The gyres did spin.
    The traveler sat poised to rip himself
    Out of today and nail himself to the past.

    The soldiers and senators muttered and sighed.
    In the government's Nevada fortress deep,
    He rode 100 years in a humming flash.

    While he moved in the domain of time,
    Other things moved.
    The Earth moved around the Sun.
    The Sun whirled around the galactic core.
    The Galaxy moved in the Cosmic Breath
    of expanding and Big-Banging over and over again.

    Instead of a Depression-Era ghost town,
    He asphyxiated in the frozen abyss
    Of deep space. H.G. Wells' face was red.