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Karina Sumner-Smith is a writer and a student currently living in Ontario. Her work has previously appeared in Neverworlds.

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From False Worlds

by Karina Sumner-Smith

The wires slowly creep
like cautious vines
towards the lure of flesh.
Lost in an electronic dream
caught up in the technicolor fiction
he does not see them coming,
slithering across the carpet
like hesitant snakes.
Gently they wrap
around a leg, an ankle, a finger
before coming to rest
on the softly pulsing skin
of his neck.
Eyes focused only
on a world of flickering pixels
he does not notice
does not move
as they twine ever tighter.
Finally, all caution fled
the wires burrow hungrily
into warm flesh.
As he writhes
twisting in their metal grasp
screams dead in his mouth
words flash across the screen:
Have your false worlds
keep your illusions
but let us break free
to taste life.