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Marina Lee Sable's poems have been published in Voices International, Pirate Writings, Tight, Small Pond, Dreams and Nightmares, Star*Line, Pegasus, and other magazines. This poem first appeared in Star*Line in 1999.

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by Marina Lee Sable

Beneath the horned moon
hanging in the black sky,
stars glittering with auguries
and comets leaping
to their prophetic death,
the pink-tinged nebula of night
slumps against the land.

Sirens dissipate
down distant streets,
buildings darken
and resolve to ashes.
Everything draws into itself,
a gray smolder at the end of its ride.

Moon, stars, roof tops
disappear in the filtered light
of prism veils breeding
wild flowers in the air.

The city floats from
its telluric dock --
a spectral extract in occultation,
a dopplegänger dwelling
of a distant light reinvented,
as gods, spirits and legions
cluster and evolve
into new myths.