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Dietmar Trommeshauser's poetry has been published in Waves, Realpoetik, Rouge Et Noir, Recursive Angel, Talebones and other publications. "Portrait of a Ghost" first appeared in Rictus #7.

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Portrait of a Ghost

by Dietmar Trommeshauser

    Like a thunderhead blossoms the sky,
    my eyes bright as lightning,
    I float over the grey world
    move like rain and grow over
    your oceans like
    a tropical storm

    My face wet and beaten, my
    shadows are the bruises on your face,
    my violence is like an eclipse;
    long, drawn out, then suddenly over,
    the sun a gleaming knife.

    I watch your little girl get on the bus and walk
    all the way to the back with her eyes
    downcast and her head stiff and still as a nailed board
    and when the others look back at her
    she puts her thin knees together like a prayer.
    The silence surrounding her,
    scrapes a secret rust from everything.

    Death is like that.

    She studies her finger tips as if just now
    having found them, as if her arms had just sprouted
    from her shoulders.
    My desire for life as restless
    as her hands
    which seem to have nowhere to go.
    She is a freshone she is.
    Fleshtoned and shiny.