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by Doug Tanoury

    We all know
    I want to super glue feathers
    To my arms and make an Icarus-
    Like escape, leave my old earth-
    Bound problems and test my wings
    On the warm air of a June morning,
    To fly up and down my street
    Just above treetops, until the
    Neighbor women come to their doors
    Looking out, looking up, shielding
    Their eyes and squinting to see
    Me set against the sun, white winged
    And naked, spiraling upward,
    Climbing until I am one small dot
    Winking out of sight, swallowed
    In a deep blue sky.

    My ears filled with the wind,
    My eyes half closed against the
    Rush of air as I rise to
    Discover what we all know,
    Touch its face and wrap my arms
    Around its neck, up where the
    Velcro backs of clouds
    Meet the fabric of sky.