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Rachel Soltis is 23-year-old slacker who lives in New Jersey.

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The Miracle

by Rachel Soltis

Sappho, distraught at the loss of her love,
dragged her woman's body to the top of a turret
and launched herself at the sharp cliffs below.

The wind snatched her hair,
tore at her armpits,
and she was suddenly
rising, flapping sudden
wings. The marrow drained
liquid from her bones;
her neck thickened;
her ears shriveled back
into her head. Her legs,
newly callused, tucked
neatly underneath.

And her voice, her rich woman's voice
that turned words into molten honey and silver into song,
became a predator's callous shriek.

And for two years more, before death in the jaws of a fox,
she swooped and wheeled and cawed and preyed
on pink-eyed rabbits, mice, and sometimes a shuddering shrew.