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Corrine De Winter has been a freelance writer for about 19 years. Her work has been published in over 600 journals, books and magazines including New York Quarterly, The Writer, Space & Time, Tales of the Unanticipated, The Other Side, Yankee, Prisoners of the Night, Poet's Market 92-99, and others. Her work has been nominated twice for The Pushcart Prize and most recently for The Rhysling Award.

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Moon of Strong Cold

by Corrine De Winter

Ivory limbs.

The summer dark wolves
are hidden by winter
among the hemlocks.

Air burns my lungs.
You pull me across the broken snow,
past the question mark crows.
The buzzards circle
to descend on fallen deer.
You pull me through
the tangle of bittersweet,
pale and half-eaten.

Hungry birds.
Loose feathers
past the railroad tracks-
Your hands pull me on
toward the enclosure.

Ghosts from our mouths

Your hands pull me onward
to the stigmata you could not cease,
the body risen clear and white
by the wayward frost heaves.