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K.A. Thomas has appeared in i.e.magazine, Tintern Abbey, and The Texas Review. Her work placed in The Houston Press 1999 Poetry Contest and she was featured on ABCnews.com's National Poetry Month site in 1998 and 1999. She lives in Houston with poet M. Alexander and her son Tristan.

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Post-Mortem Mother

by K.A. Thomas

My post-mortem mother glides
on gurneys, slides through each
fluorescent basement, skims
Our Lady's cool corridors
counting acoustical tiles,
keeping time to the turn
of rubber's drub on linoleum.

She scorns the M.E.'s hymns
to her beauty, spurns his frigid
slab of thumb as he strokes
each rigorous limb.

She slights his catalogue of parts,
his clear-cut measurements
-- lividity of arteries,
circumference of heart
-- loathes methodic matters.

But how she loves
the body bag
in basic black,
the time of knives
& sowing of bone-saw,
when her cracked ribs
flower between her breasts.