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Richard Denner is a prolific writer who lives near Sebastopol, California. He was for many years the proprietor of Fourwinds Bookstore and Café in Ellensburg, Washington, and the manager of a Tibetan Buddhist Dharma store for Tara Mandala Retreat Center in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. In his spare time, he publishes dpress chapbooks.

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Night of Mystic Rain

by Richard Denner

I have been watching a cat
and now it's dark
and the cat appears blue and yearning
with claws ready to scratch the night

I am going out
to look for you on the bench in the park
expecting to find you wrapped in newsprint
alone and sleeping red in the dark

Rain in the yellow trees
there is a song under the table
I have enough love to make the stars ache
and I can afford to I buy the silence I become