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Corrine De Winter has been a freelance writer for about 19 years. Her work has been published in over 600 journals, books and magazines including New York Quarterly, The Writer, Space & Time, Tales of the Unanticipated, The Other Side, Yankee, Prisoners of the Night, Poet's Market 92-99, and others. Her work has been nominated twice for The Pushcart Prize and most recently for The Rhysling Award.

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by Corrine De Winter

Hunter's Moon
turns pale
the brittle leaves.
North Star bores
a glow worm into me.

Nothing is true
but the wide-eyed bloody deer,
the red stain on pavement.
Nothing is true
but the world-eaters.

We cover the dead
who remember their last slow dance
when they closed their eyes
to the nether
of pre-dawn light.

Nothing is true, dear
but the sound of a heart beating red
with desire,
flooded with wanting
and scorched
by its own fire.