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W. Gregory Stewart is a short story writer and poet whose work has appeared Amazing Stories, Asimov's, Dreams & Nightmares, several Rhysling Anthologies, and dozens of other publications.

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Prenova Nights, Young and in Love

by W. Gregory Stewart

    night runs out the ripstorm to a dark world, marking
    the torn corners and dog-eared pages of a day's rage
    carelessly, looking for the last horizon
    but finding the backside of a broken sun

    under the bushes or on the banks
    the ivory hollows of lost skulls gape
    in celebration of brainlessness,
    blind and mindless of time

    dunes crawl tunelessly across tundra, penumbral
    and numb before forgotten mountains
    shouldered on mantles slaved of a slow tide
    and grabbing at the brass ring -- or a loose star

    rain resurrects the echoes of thunder and mud,
    as crickets steal a last kiss and take cover;
    we hold hands, trying to remember rainbows
    but finding the backside of the broken sun