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Scott C. Holstad has several English degrees and has authored eight collections of poetry. The most recent book was "Places" (Sterling House, 1995). His work has appeared in hundreds of magazines around the world, including The Minnesota Review, The Wisconsin Review, Poetry Ireland Review, Exquisite Corpse, Long Shot, Chiron Review, Pacific Review, Arkansas Review, and Southern Review. He has had horror/gothic work appear in Wicked Mystic, Cyber-Psychos AOD, The Nocturnal Lyric, Ghastly, Virgin Meat, As If, Isolation, Premonitions, Delerium, and Midnight Zoo. This poem first appeared in Bukowski and Serial Killers.

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Return to Love

by Scott Holstad

i returned to the club
in complete and utter
desolation, unable to think
clearly and i saw the
usual herd of them
over in the corner looking
like so many empty beer
bottles floating in scum
covered rain water and
one of them came up to
me all leatherbound and
rouged in black and said

well boy
you look like you
need something strong
now we can do
you or we can
kill you
i can be your
boy or i can be
your girl.
what'll it be?

i looked in the
corner and saw a
man on his knees
head bobbing wildly and
i watched when they slit
his throat at the end
and i wondered how
to get out of this
hell back to the land
of the living
dead and i closed
my eyes and whispered

your choice.