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Joy Reid is 34 years old, married, and lives on a hundred and thirty five acre property which borders a state forest in South Gippsland, Australia. She teaches, dreams, reads novels, writes poetry and loves red wine and smelly cheeses. Her work has been published in AntiMedia, Solas, Sparks, Poetry Future Express, Snakeskin, The Empty Shelf, Dream Forge, Ygdrasil, Neologue, Pauper, Eternity and others.

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Roo Shoot

by Joy Reid

Between pine rows
straight as rifle barrels
a yellow dog slinks
low moon     slow strobing.

Chink, chink
a metallic summons

chink, chink...
Backpack gleams
a buoy a bob among a wash of stars.

White javelins spotlight the pasture.
Sons of bitches loosed onto darkness
they nose among thistles tall as sentries
worry blackberry tangles

and finally find
grey shapes like conch shells
does crouched feeding
stretched shapes like gum leaves
old bucks guarding.
The largest sways, his testicles tighten.

A boom.
The night recoils.
Cordite swirls -- a conjurer's trick.
a roo leaps back

-- the rest slide left, slip moorings.

The scene blinks out and
chink, chink       chink, chink    forward

towards dark threshing.