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Catherine A. Callaghan is a writer who lives in Columbus, OH. Pudding House Publications has recently published Other Worlds, a book of Escher prints with her response poems. Her work has also appeared in Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy and will soon appear in Dreams of Decadence.

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Schroedinger's Cat

(as told to Catherine A. Callaghan)

I'd perished scores of times
in physics lectures because
of that aelurophobic cuss,
Erwin Schroedinger.

I heard him jeer at Bohr
for claiming a radioactive atom
is neither decayed nor
undecayed before observation.

Why didn't Schroedinger
choose a rat to kill and kill again
while testing the paradox
of Bohr's fur-ball claim?

As I lay in my box, convulsing
from poison gas triggered
by that decay, I sensed
no indeterminacy in my condition.

After my last demise, the improbable
occurred -- all my particles reverted
to their former state, and I rose up
when Schroedinger raised the lid.

I sprang out, releasing
a final whiff of cyanide.
There was a fifty-fifty chance
he would expire--

I won.