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Clyde T. Kessler's poetry has appeared in publications such as Free Zone Quarterly and Kota. He lives in Radford, Virginia.

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Soliloquy For Aliens

by Clyde T. Kessler

I watch a star of simple fire
rasping through the first clouds
of a storm. I live in the mountains
where the updrafts twist the sky
across the trees, and the lightning
tears an ancient gorge into heaven
at night. I am sober telling you
the world. I am drenched and held
in the old stony face of fires and planets.
There are bees and sorghum fields
and the eroded ground whispers
one short summer for the dead.
I am far from your modern thoughts
and leave them all like children
buried in a glacier. I hear the space
falling so cold and distant, I become
herons and crayfish, or water willows
and dragonflies green and black and gone.
I make few decisions. I catch nothing.
I starve and fade enough to be seen.
I own a few coals in the drowned earth.
I say my prayers and fly away.