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Michael H. Brownstein is a Chicago writer who has been published in more than four hunderd small press journals.

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A Sour Taste In The Mouth

by Michael H. Brownstein

You know this taste--it comes late
when the moon is a bleached towel
glowering in the sky. This is the time
for the old ones. They can march
into day as if they were tricks
in your sleeve, tricks lost in sex,
tricks from Ansi the Spider.
They come and go into night as if day
were an opening in time. They lack teeth,
but they bite. Their jaws are muscled
and their grasps are jaw breakers.
Late, before the sun rises, they are there
and they are watching. They know you
and they understand your fear of dark,
the fear the sun will not rise,
the car will not get you there,
sleep will overwhelm you,
everything has a beginning, or an end.