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Marina Lee Sable's poems have been published in Voices International, Pirate Writings, Tight, Small Pond, Dreams and Nightmares, Star*Line, Pegasus, and other magazines. This poem first appeared in Tight in 1999.

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Time Stop

by Marina Lee Sable

The sky fractures,
its lightning edges
open, black viscera
threatening to pour through.

Doom crack, rock-split sound
rippling, rolling,
reverberating everywhere.

Disengaged, the world
rolls to a halt
as it slides
toward the gateway,
time funneled off
by the black pond
in the sky.

Then a pause.
The whole becomes
a waxwork museum
waiting for ignition.

Configurations re-calculated,
blueprints hastily corrected.
The great mass lurches,
tugs at the frozen moment
and rips itself free.

Vacuity is shattered
and the world whirls
back into being.