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Richard Denner is a prolific writer who lives near Sebastopol, California, where he teaches poetry at a Waldorf School. He was for many years the proprietor of Fourwinds Bookstore and Café in Ellensburg, Washington, and the manager of a Tibetan Buddhist Dharma store for Tara Mandala Retreat Center in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. In his spare time, he publishes dpress chapbooks.

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Vacuum Plus

by Richard Denner

Standing in the museum entrance
an old man, unshaven, palsied, pushing
a shopping cart filled with bags of cans,
stuffed animals, coat hangers and the dust
from clocks -- a rag picker in a raincoat
with the back torn out, beneath that
is a splotchy trenchcoat, beneath that
a molting overcoat, beneath that
what passerbys fear he might expose
from an alley along a dark street.

Not at all, he exposes it right here, now --
in the sunken recess of his body
glow the high-polished parts of a machine,
and raising his eyes to the sky, he croons,
"You may think I have a vacuum, but this
is a multipurpose machine, a vacuum,
a rug cleaner, a shampooer, it dries hair
and sucks dead skin from your mattress,
a drill, a sander, and now, a breakthrough
in technology after years of research --
the power-driven dildo and buggywhip."

Vagabond, my brother, you rise up like a ghost.
I quickly split.