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Marina Lee Sable's poems have been published in Voices International, Pirate Writings, Tight, Small Pond, Dreams and Nightmares, Star*Line, Pegasus, and other magazines. This poem first appeared in Star*Line in 1998.

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The Winter Witch

by Marina Lee Sable

She hangs her nets, rubescent eyes
scrying the starless water,
shrunken cape waiting for wings.

Bird calls curl to the forest's cellar,
crack of rot stopped in the dip of winter.
The forest sinks down to its skull,
a hibernal absence of green.

The sky rolls over,
dripping stars onto a black earth,
frosting the forest a silver cathedral
of glistening galleries, alabaster arches,
and aisles laced in white, feathery strands.

Summoned back to the year's sundown,
she floats in a sortilege
of blue shadow air stilled,
awaiting the silence of others asleep.

Darkness pools in the dips,
its tenebrous filaments hold
the world in blank mediation.

Frost forms on the tips of wings.
A black cloth is flung into the air
by an icy blast of wind.
All night long, the flap and whirr
of wings above rooftops can be heard.

At dawn, ice crystals
roll back the clouds,