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K.A. Thomas has appeared in i.e.magazine, Tintern Abbey, and The Texas Review. Her work placed in The Houston Press 1999 Poetry Contest and she was featured on ABCnews.com's National Poetry Month site in 1998 and 1999. She lives in Houston with poet M. Alexander and her son Tristan.

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X Marks the Spot

by K.A. Thomas

Amelia Earhart piloted Eleanor Roosevelt, in evening dress,
to Baltimore just after she became First Lady.
She was so enthusiastic about the flight
she wanted Earhart to give her lessons.
      The president said no.

      -- Fact a Day Calendar, January 22, 1999


If Dana Scully got her wish
to be Eleanor Roosevelt for one day,
let it be: March 7th, 1933.

She is a knockout
in Chanel's black box-jacket suit.
She has a matching Glock in her handbag.
She's not yet a delegate to the UN,
not yet chairman of the Commission
for Human Rights -- has never been
a special agent.
She's just niece of Theodore,
wife of Franklin --
the First Lady who wants to fly.

She tells Amelia she's been alienated
from the President since 1921,
since the poliomyelitis. She explains:
inflamed motor neurons,
& her dream, where a man
called Mulder tells her to believe
that the truth is out there
somewhere in the gas-pressured air
of a turbine engine's whine;
that she would like to take Noonan's place
in 1937, co-pilot & disappear mysteriously
between New Guinea & Howland Island;
that Franklin will die in office
-- a bull's-eye for the Cancer Man --
after breaking the "no 3rd term" tradition;
that in 1992 a search party will find
remnants of Earhart's plane in Kiribati.

She promises to call: Amelia, it's me...
She swears to dispute their claims.
She will close that file, rejoin her in the area
between Melbourne Fla., Bermuda, & Puerto Rico,
where any number of planes have vanished
& investigations to date have not produced
any scientific evidence of unusual phenomena
involved in any of those disappearances.